Under the auspices of Facebook, Instagram is now one of the largest social media sharing photos and videos in the world, with more than 1 billion users. The features offered by Instagram are always updated from time to time, so it makes many people feel comfortable using it. Moreover, we can upload important moments in the form of photos or videos directly to Instagram.

Usually, many users will copy or copy the link from the status of a photo or video that they find interesting to share with other social media, chat applications, or e-mail. Later if the shared link is pressed by someone else, it will automatically be directed to the status in the Instagram application.

In addition, sometimes, we also want to copy people’s comments on interesting statuses on Instagram. But apparently, it can not be done by making a mobile application on a smartphone or tablet. For that, we have to open Instagram in a browser found on a PC or smartphone in order to make copied comments.

For those of you who are curious about how to copy or copy Instagram links and comments, then you can see the tutorial as follows.

How to Copy or Copy Instagram Links

  1. First, open the Instagram application on a smartphone
  2. On the Home page of this application, you will be faced with various status photos or videos from other users
  3. Next, look for the status you want to copy the link from
  4. After the status is determined, select the menu icon three-point at the top right of the status
  5. Then, choose Copy Link
  6. After successfully copying the link or link, then writing Copied Link will appear
  7. Finally, you need to share the link to other social networks, chat applications, email, SMS, and othersInstagram Copy Link

On some social media, the copied link will display a thumbnail of the photo or video from the status on Instagram. If you press the thumbnail, it will immediately be directed to the Instagram application.

How to copy or copy comments

Using a browser on a PC or Laptop

  1. First, open it the browser (Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari and others) on a PC or Laptop
  2. Then, open the official Instagram site
  3. Furthermore, login on the Instagram siteInstagramPC Copy Comments1
  4. On page home Instagram, look for the status of the photo or video where the comment will be copied
  5. After the photo or video status is selected, look for comments that you think are interesting
  6. Then, block comments to be copiedInstagramPC Copy Comments2
  7. After the comment is blocked, right-click mouse and select menu Copy
  8. After the comments have been successfully copied, you can immediately share them with others through social networks, email, SMS, chat applications, and others
    InstagramPC Copy Comments3

Using the Browser on a Smartphone

  1. First, open the browser (Chrome or Firefox) on the smartphone
  2. Visit the official Instagram site
  3. Next, select the symbol menu three-point at the top right of the browser and activate Desktop Site
  4. Once active, the Instagram site will look like a browser on a PC or laptop with a large area
  5. Then, look for the status of the photo or video where the comment will be copied
  6. After the comment is selected, you can block it and press the button Copy emerging
  7. Furthermore, you are free to copy the comments to your friends via SMS, chat applications, social media, and othersInstagram Copy Comment

If you use the Instagram mobile application on a smartphone or mobile device, comments cannot be selected and copied. For that, you need to outsmart by visiting the Instagram site, which can be opened through a browser on a PC, laptop, smartphone, or another mobile device.

When you open the Instagram site from a browser on a smartphone or mobile device, the interface is really similar to a mobile application so comments cannot be copied. For this reason, you must activate the Desktop Site feature in the browser application.

Meanwhile, if you are opening the Instagram mobile application, you can try to copy the link from the status of the photo or video being viewed. Once copied, then you can put the link in the browser so that it goes directly to the Instagram site, and comments can be copied immediately.