Microsoft Excel or Excel is a great software to process data and numbers for reports and other purposes.

We can also use Excel to perform mathematical and statistical calculations when compiling financial budgets, financial records, and other reports, making it easier to view the data.

We also needed to convert Excel into PDF format for presentation so that data do not get affected for any reason.¬†Even now, there are many easy ways to do it, so you don’t have to worry.

In more detail, here’s how to convert an Excel file into a PDF format that you can follow.

How to Convert Excel to PDF

1. Through Candy PDF Service

  1. First, open the browser visit the site PDF Candy
  2. Select the convert Excel to PDF button
  3. Add the Excel file to be formatted by pressing the button +Add Files or directly drag & drop from Windows Explorer to menu Plus Convert Excel to PDF Candy
  4. PDF Candy will automatically convert any xls or xlsx file to PDF Convert Excel to PDF Candy 2
  5. After the conversion process is successful, then press the button Download file and in the dialog box that appears press Save File Convert Excel to PDF Candy 3
  6. Furthermore, you can view the PDF file directly in Windows Explorer or File Manager Convert Excel to PDF Candy 4

You could say this method is practical to do because you only need to upload an Excel file and convert it directly into a PDF. But still, this method will be a little difficult if your location is not having internet access or the connection is slow.

For that, you can also use how to convert Excel files directly in Microsoft Office. Of course, you must have a version that already supports and has these features.

2. Through Microsoft Excel 2010 or above version

  1. Open Microsoft Excel 2010 or later
  2. Select the Excel file to be converted to PDF either xls or xlsx
  3. Next, select menu Save As Convert Excel 2010 to PDF
  4. Specify the location of the file to be saved and the file name
  5. Don’t forget to change the file type to PDF Convert Excel 2010 to PDF 2
  6. Press the button Save and wait until the saving process is complete
  7. Finally, you can search for the PDF file directly in the specified location or folder in Windows Explorer

In general, the conversion process with PDF Candy looks more practical when you don’t have access to Microsoft Office. Those are some of the easiest ways to convert an Excel file to a PDF that you can do if you need it. If you have another way, you can write it in the comments column.