Want to experience better controls while playing a game on your Android device? Read on to know how you can connect the PS4 controller to an Android device:

Step 1. Enable the Bluetooth on your wireless PS4 controller and make sure it is enabled on your Android device as well. Now, you will need to put your PS4 device into pairing mode.

Step 2: For this, just Press the PlayStation and Share button simultaneously and hold them down, until you will get a flashing light on the back side of this PlayStation.

Step 3: Now, go to the main menu of your Android phone, go to the “ Bluetooth Settings” and scan for a new device. Your PS4 device gets listed, just Tap on it to pair your Android phone with the PS4 controller.

Step 4. Your Android phone will now search for the visible devices, tap on the PS4 controller option and pair your Android phone with it.

Step 5. Enable the Android PS4 controller to connect on a particular game which you are playing and enjoy a better gaming experience.

This way you can connect and use the PlayStation 4 controller on Android.