Today’s smartphones or cellphones are able to support users to capture precious moments through videos with good quality. The higher resolution and better quality, of course, the video will have a very large file size. This is of course, inconvenient for some smartphone users with limited internet networks to send videos to friends, family, or other people quickly.

For that, you can compress the video directly on your cellphone, so you can get a smaller file size with less degraded quality than the original version.

Before compressing video, it’s a good idea to download an application to compress videos on your cellphone first. I myself use Video Compressor Panda: Resize & Compress Video because it has a good rating, comments, and a number of downloads on the Google Play Store.

How to Compress Live Videos on Android Phones

  1. First, download and install the Video Compressor Panda application from Google Play Store
  2. Once installed on a smartphone or cellphone, open the Video Compressor Panda application
  3. On the main page of the application, select a video to compress
  4. After the video is selected, press the button Next at the bottom right of the app
  5. On the page Set Size, You will be presented with information on the resolution, size, and name of the video.
  6. You can also choose various types of compression according to your needsVideo Compress 1
  7. For example, I chose Large File (Just Compress) because it retains its true resolution and has good quality.
  8. Once the compression type is selected, press the button Compress at the bottom right.
  9. The application will display the compression process with a percentage from 0% to 100%Video Compress 2
  10. After the compression process is complete, then you are faced with the compressed video results page.
  11. On that page, you can compare the results, see the size of the original video with compression, menu Share to share with others, and menus Save to save it on the cellphone or smartphone storage.

Even though I use the Large File (Just Compress) compression type, this application is able to compress the selected video into a smaller size than the original version. Not just one video, you can even compress several videos at once by using this application.

Meanwhile, if you want to compress the video to be even smaller, you should use a compression type other than Large File (Just Compress). The following are the types of compression that are presented in the Video Compressor Panda application:

  • Small File (Easy Share) – allows compression of the video size to be very small with a low resolution of up to 360 x 640 pixels.
  • Medium File (Better Quaility) has standard quality with medium resolution sizes reaching 540 x 960 pixels. You could say the quality of the compressed video still looks good.
  • Large File (Just Compress) – is able to make the compressed video quality almost equivalent to the original version because the resolution remains the same.
  • Fit to Email – the application will optimize the resolution and quality to make it the right size for sending via email
  • Custom Resolution – users can adjust the length and width of the resolution of the compressed video as desired.
  • There is also a choice of video compression up to resolution 240 x 426 pixels or 360 x 640 pixels, which of course, will make the file size smaller than the original version.

Of course, you can compress the video according to your needs so that it can be sent to other people via social media, chat applications, email, and others quickly. Meanwhile, you can immediately see the results of the compressed video in the default HP Gallery or Photos application.