How to Clear Cache, Cookies, and History on Google Chrome.

Let us talk about the steps to clear cache, cookies and history on Google Chrome:

Step 1.   On your desktop/laptop, Connect to the Internet. (Without Connecting, Clearing can be done but the Synchronization with other device doesn’t occur otherwise)

Step 2.  From the Desktop, Double Click on the Chrome Icon to open Chrome Internet Browser

Step 3.  You will find a drop-down indicating icon just below the X(Closing) button on the Chrome status bar. Click on it.

Step 4.  A drop-down menu will open. Select “More Tools”

Step 5.  A further drop-down menu will open. Select “Clearing Browsing Data”. A new window opens.

(NOTE: You can also utilize the shortcut keys combination of Ctrl+Shift+Del keys to clear/delete history on Chrome)

Step 6.  First Select a Time Range for which you desire to delete browsing log. (If you wish to delete everything, select “All Time” Option from the Drop Down)

Step 7.  To clear cache, cookies and history on Google Chrome at one go, check all the boxes below.

Step 8.  To only clear/delete history on Chrome, uncheck the last two boxes.

Step 9.  To only remove cache and history on Google Chrome, untick the second option(cookies)

Step 10. Click on “Clear Data”. Depending on the ticked options, the data will be cleared respectively