Remove Laptop and PC Trash with CCleaner – In a previous article, Techhow discussed how to clear cache on a laptop using Windows.

Well, this time we will discuss how to use CCleaner as a whole PC garbage cleaner so that the laptop is not slow. How do I clean junk files on a laptop?

For starters, those who are not familiar with CCleaner software will briefly discuss it. CCleaner is an application developed by a company Piriform Ltd to clean files that are no longer needed by a computer system easily and user-friendly. For everyday language, we often refer to it as laptop junk cleaner app‘.

You already know right? Please read more about how to use the CCleaner application to be able to delete all your trash files and make your laptop’s performance good and fast again.

What are the Pros of CCleaner?

This software is one of the best PC cleaner software today. Here are some of the features and advantages that you can get by using CCleaner or this laptop junk cleaner application on your computer.

  1. FreemiumThis software is freemium, that is, you can use it for free, aka ‘Free for Home Use‘but this application also has a paid version, namely the Professional version at a price $ 19.95 or Rp. 280,000. But with the free feature alone, you will be able to get optimal results that can make your laptop not slow anymore.
  2. Clear laptop cache As I discussed earlier, the cache can make your laptop slow because it continues to eat up your laptop’s storage if it’s not cleaned. CCleaner can be used to clean the entire laptop cache.
  3. Clear browser cache and cookies Apart from laptops, CCleaner usage is also able to clean cookies and cache in your browser. Compatible for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer and other popular browsers.
  4. Clean unnecessary files in the RegistryAnother great feature is that this program can delete files that are not used and files that are no longer needed in your computer registry. By removing ‘unused file in registry‘, then the performance of your PC will improve and increase.
  5. Compatible for Windows and MacLike most ‘modern’ applications, you can also use CCleaner on laptops running Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10) and Mac operating systems.

And there are many more features that you can use in this application. For those of you who want to find out more, you can read the full features on the page CCleaner docs This includes how to use CCleaner, settings that are suitable for your needs to how to use more advance again.

To clear cache in Windows, not only can be done with CCleaner. However, you can clean junk files on your laptop in several other ways. Read some Ways to Clean Cache in Windows that we have written in the article.

How to Use CCleaner

After knowing its features and functions, just go ahead and use CCleaner as a trash cleaner on your laptop. TimeLope will explain how to use CCleaner on a laptop with Windows and Mac operating systems.

How to Use CCleaner on Windows

Here’s how to use CCleaner to clear laptop cache and clean PC junk for Windows, here are the steps:

  1. Download CCleaner. Please first download the free CCleaner software directly on the official website: Download CCleaner for Windows.
  2. Install and Open CCleaner. After downloading, please install and open the application so that the page appears as shown below.
  3. Run the Analyze command. Press the Analyze button to analyze your computer as a whole and quickly. For those of you who want to organize and select which files you want to scan and delete, please select the Custom Clean menu on the tab to the left of the CCleaner display as shown in the instructions. Number 2 in the image below. To clean unused files in your laptop’s registry, please select the Registry menu as shown in the instructions Number 3.Download CCleaner Free
  4. Clean All Junk Files. After waiting for the junk file analysis process on your laptop, the command will come out to clean the files. Please select Clean All to start the process of deleting junk files on your laptop.How to use CCleaner
  5. It’s finished and all cache on your laptop has been deleted by CCleaner.

Those are some easy steps to use the CCleaner application to delete junk files on a Windows laptop. Your slow laptop can be maximized for a little bit faster.

For those of you who use the Windows 10 operating system, it doesn’t hurt to clean the Windows Update residual cache occasionally. How to? Read the previous article on How to Clear Windows Update Cache.

How to Use CCleaner on Mac

How do I use the CCleaner app on a Mac? Approximately the steps to use this application are the same as how to use them in Windows. There may be several menus and slightly different views.

Download CCleaner for Mac

However, the basic function of this application is to clean cache and unused files on our computer system. But for Mac users, please download this software first on the official website via the link above.

Oh yes, FYI clearing the cache is also one way to speed up laptop performance. One of the improved performance is the laptop’s performance when booting, especially for Windows users. If you’re curious, please read some recommendations on How to Speed ​​Up Booting Windows 10.


How to Use CCleaner – The above steps are how to use CCleaner correctly and practically to clean trash on your laptop. Easy right? Please try this method so that the laptop is not slow and at least the performance of your laptop or PC will improve slightly from before.