Version 14 of tvOS brings several new features to the system that brings our Apple TVs to life. News such as being able to interact with HomeKit devices, improvements in the PiP system, shared or multi-user audio for apps and games join one that could go unnoticed: the option to choose which screensaver we want to see on our TV.

Cities yes, fish no

Since the introduction of screensavers aerial, Apple has been adding clips that we can see while our TV is not in use. From bloody Golden Gate to the heart of London, these slow motion videos are a joy to behold.

Now, with tvOS 14, we can choose which screensaver categories we want to see, so for example we can activate Urban landscape and disable Underwater. The steps are the following:

  1. We open the app Settings on our Apple TV.
  2. We came in general.
  3. We played on Screensaver.
  4. We played on Topics.
  5. We place ourselves on top of the category that we want to activate or deactivate and press until we see To show or Hide next to the title.

We can show or hide four categories: landscape, land, underwater and urban landscape. Landscape refers to videos of natural environments, like the glaciers of Greenland, for example. land brings together all the clips captured from the International Space Station, which offer us a view of the world from above. Underwater is the category of underwater videos. And finally, Urban landscape They are shots similar to Landscape, but within cities, generally seen perpendicular to the ground.

Apple TV screensavers are really capable of attracting attention. The team responsible for them, as Tim Cook recounted in an interview, chooses the locations, times and approaches very carefully to produce these short videos.