Warranty is one of the things that is very important for smartphones because it can help users to repair without being charged at the service center if there is damage or problems from the device they have.

One of the vendors that have attractive after-sales service is OPPO because they have many service centers in various cities. But before repairing a smartphone at the service center, you should check the warranty period of its OPPO smartphone.

If the warranty period is still valid or alive, the problematic smartphone or OPPO can be repaired free of charge as long as the damage is in accordance with the terms and conditions. For those who want to know about how to check the OPPO warranty then you can see the tutorial as follows.

Find out the IMEI number from your cellphone

Check IMEI with code

  1. First, turn on your OPPO cellphone.
  2. Furthermore, you can directly access the application Phone or telephone.
  3. In this application just directly press the code * # 06 # and press OK or Yes or logo Telephone
  4. Furthermore, the application will bring up a dialog box that contains the IMEI number of the smartphone or cellphone that is owned

Checking the IMEI using this code is common to all Android smartphones because it’s easy and only needs to type a little code when a smartphone or OPPO is being used.

Check IMEI with boxes

  1. First, you can take a box owned by a smartphone or OPPO that has been purchased.
  2. Furthermore, you can look at the back of the box.
  3. Later the IMEI number will appear from the smartphone or OPPO

Usually checking IMEI with the box is caused by a smartphone or OPPO that is in a dead condition so that it cannot access the application. This method can be practically practical if the user is near the box, but if you are far you should use the first method.

How to Check Warranty

  1. After getting IMEI, you can directly open the browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, etc.) on a smartphone or laptop
  2. You can directly visit the OPPO website address https://support.oppo.com/en/
  3. After entering, you only need to enter the IMEI number that has been obtained and the captcha code for validation as shown below
  4. After everything is entered, you can simply press theĀ  Check Now button.
  5. Finally, this webpage will show the remaining warranty period of the smartphone or OPPO owned

It appears that to check the warranty period of a smartphone or OPPO is very easy with just a few steps and. Hopefully, this method can help you so you no repair costs. Good luck.

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