It is very likely that many of you have Netflix installed on your Windows 10 computer. In this case, you know that there is the possibility of downloading content, which we will be able to see at another time, without the need for an Internet connection. A good option to use when we are traveling, for example. The downloads are carried out in a specific location, which can be changed if you wish.

Many users are not satisfied with the location in Windows 10 where this Netflix content is downloaded. But, if you want to change it, it is possible to do it and it is somewhat simpler than many think. Below we show you all the steps.

By default, it is downloaded in the same location that Windows 10 is in. But, if it happens that the hard disk is filling up, we can always modify this location in a simple way and thus avoid consuming so much space. To do this, we must first go to the computer configuration.

We enter the applications section in this configuration. Then, inside it, we click on applications and features that appear on the left side of the screen. By doing this we will see the full list of applications come out. So we have to look for Netflix on that list.

When finding it, when we put the cursor on it, we will get an option called «Move». We click on this option, which will give us the possibility of modifying the Netflix location to another unit on our Windows 10 computer. The only thing we have to do in this case is to select the unit in question.

In this way, the Netflix application and its downloads move. Every time we download content from the streaming platform in Windows, they will be saved in this new location that we have selected. As you can see, it is very easy to be able to modify this location.