Not infrequently, when you have your own WiFi network at home, friends who come will ask for SSID and the password WiFi. Well, so it’s easy to share, you should refer to the following tips from us. This time, team will share how to change the SSID and the password WiFi so QR Code.

By converting it into a QR Code, anyone who wants to connect can simply scan the QR code using the camera smartphone. How to?

Well, it takes a little help from the QR Stuff site, and a few steps to make it happen. Well, so that I’m not curious, you should continue to see how to change the SSID and the password WiFi is the following QR Code.

    • First you have to do is access the site QR Stuff.
    • Next, select an option WiFi Login on the menu on the left side of the site.
    • Then, enter the SSID information and the password WiFi that you want to change to QR Code.
  • Furthermore, when the QR Code WiFi has been successfully created, the code will appear on the right side of the site.
  • Then, download it QR Code earlier, and share with your friends who are “in need of quota” and need your WiFi network.

Well, for friends who want to open the QR Code that you have created, surely they must use the QR Code Scanner application. Smartphone with the latest operating system also usually has the scanner separately available in the default camera application.

It should be noted, there are two possibilities when accessing this WiFi QR Code. The first possibility, QR Code Scanner application or camera smartphone default will only display the SSID name and the password only.

The second possibility, users can directly connect to a WiFi network when scanning a code. For example, as shown below:

How easy? Good luck, hopefully these tips are useful for you. These tips are also very suitable for those of you who have a place of business and provide free WiFi for visitors.