If you are looking to learn how to change Spotify password or Spotify password resetting way.

How to Change Spotify Password

Method 1: Change password by log in to your account

Step 1. Open Spotify homepage on your web browser and enter your credential and log in your account.

Step 2. Now click on ‘Profile’ drawdown menu in the top right-hand side and select ‘Account’.

Step 3. Then select “Change password” tab from the left-hand side list.

Step 4. You have to enter your ‘Current Password’, ‘New Password’ and Rewrite New Password. Finally, click on “Set New Password”. Once you have done this, your Spotify password is changed.

Method 2. Change password without login to your account.

Step 1. Log out of our Spotify account (Both App and Desktop).

Step 2. Visit the password reset page.

Step 3. Enter your registered email id and click send.

Step 4. A mail is sent to your email ID. Click on “Reset Password” link from the mail.

Step 5. A new page is opened, where you have to write the new password and rewrite it again. You will have to verify you as human. Then click on “Send” at the bottom. Your Spotify account’s password will be reset. You are logged in to your account as well.