How to Change Skype Password

Step 1. Go to the Skype accounts Management page at on your computer’s web browser. Skype passwords cannot be reset or updated in Skype applications whether on the mobile device or on the desktop.

Step 2. Log in for your account if you are not logged into your Microsoft account.

Step 3. After logging into the account, scroll down to the page that arrives, and locates “Change password” in the left part of the page.

Step 4. In the next page, Skype will try to verify if it is you who wants to change the password. Click on the Email link, so that Skype will send a code to your registered email address for verification.

Step 5. Enter the verification code sent by your email address by Microsoft account so as to verify your genuinity. Click Verify.

Step 6. In the next page, enter the current password and New password. You can also check the tab next to “Change my password every 72 days” to keep your account secure. Click on Save to save the new password.

Step 7. Go back to the Skype home page to log in to your account with the new password.