How to Change Default email ID using settings in PayPal

Step 1. Visit
Step 2. Log in to your PayPal account using your email ID and password.
Step 3. Now click on the setting icon which on the top right-hand corner beside the logout button.
how to change primary email on paypal
Step 4. Under Business Information tab, you will see Email Address. Click on “Update” in the Email ID row.
Note: You need to register two Email IDs under PayPal to change the primary email ID.
Step 5. A new page will open. You can add the second email ID by clicking on the {+} icon.
how to change primary email on paypal
Step 6. Then PayPal will send a confirmation link to the second ID which you need to click on to successfully register the new Email ID under PayPal.
Note: Sometimes the registration email can be delayed or be considered as spam as check the spam folder for the registration email.
Step 7. Once you click the registration link, you have to log in again.
Step 8. Now again go to settings, update the Email address. A new page will open, and now you have two email IDs both confirmed.
Step 9. Click on the Edit of the Id you want to be primary and a new window will appear and tick on “Make this my primary email address for receiving notifications”.
how to change primary email on paypal
Step 10. Then tap on “Change Email” to change your Primary Email ID.