How to Change Language in Google Chrome

To change the language in Google Chrome, the following steps should be followed:

Step 1.  Open your Chrome and click on the menu button represented by three stacked dots on the upper right corner.

Step 2.  Select ‘Settings’ which is towards the bottom, as shown below

Step 3.  Click the ‘Advanced’ option, this will open additional items

Step 4.  Select ‘Languages’. The ‘Add languages’ option provides the facility to add a new language. This will basically help to change Google Chrome language setting.

Step 5.  Select the language from the given list and click on ‘Add’ button at the bottom right.

Step 6.  New languages get added to the list.

Step 7.  In case you have selected more than one language, you can click on the menu button (represented by three stacked dots) beside the language names to reorder or remove the selected ones. This process is also used to set default language in Google Chrome.

[Note: The above procedure is applicable for the latest version of Chrome in Windows 10, Mac or a Chrome OS device like a Chromebook]