How to Change Fonts in Bio and Instagram Stories to Look Cool

Techhow – With the presence of various features that continue to grow, Instagram or known as IG has more than 1.9 billion users worldwide.

Interestingly, sometimes some users on Instagram have the initiative in presenting posts on the bio page with non-standard fonts or not in the application.

It doesn’t even stop there, some other users even present writings with funny and unique fonts in their respective stories to attract others to see them.

However, to change the font in Bio and Story on the Instagram application to be funny and unique, you need to use additional applications such as Cool Fonts for Instagram Bio available on Google Play Store.

How to Change IG Bio and Story Fonts

Write on Cool Fonts For Instagram Bio

  • Download and open the Cool Fonts for Instagram Bio app
  • On page Preview Fonts, type the text you want
  • Later you will see post preview with several different fonts
  • Press the button Share icon 2 slashes with 3 connected dots
  • In the pop-up menu that appears, press the button Copy icon of two stacked papers
  • Furthermore, the text that has been created with the desired font has been copiedChange Font Cool Fonts for Instagram Bio

If you have successfully created and copied the text with the desired font, then you can then paste it directly on the Instagram Story.

Change Font in Instagram Story

  • Access Instagram app and account login
  • On page home, Press the button Add icon + at the top
  • In the pop-up menu that appears, select an option Story
  • For Story by pressing the button Shutter icon circle on the Story page
  • Press the button Text icon A A at the top of the page Preview
  • Hold on for a while edit text to bring up the button Paste
  • Post with copied fonts will be pasted
  • Press the button Done at the top right Change Instagram Story Font - 1
  • On page previews, Press the button Share right arrow icon
  • Choose an option Your Story and press the button ShareChange Instagram Story Font - 2

You could say that now you have presented a Story with a different writing than usual on Instagram so that it can attract the attention of many people.

Change Font in Instagram Bio

  • Open the Instagram app and log in to the account
  • Select menu Profile the profile photo icon at the bottom right
  • Press the button Edit Profile
  • Click section Bio and delete the previous post
  • Hold for a while on the page Bio to bring up the button Paste
  • After button Paste pressed, then copied posts will appear
  • Press the button Tick
  • Press the button again Checklist on page Edit Profile Change Instagram Bio Font

Furthermore, the posts that appear on the Bio in the Instagram account will have fonts taken from the Cool Fonts application. If you want to replace the Bio or Story posts with other fonts, you can use the same steps.

Meanwhile, the Cool Fonts for Instagram Bio application presents many fonts for you to be creative in producing something unique in your Bio or Story.

It should be noted that Cool Fonts for Instagram Bio currently only supports phones with the Android 5.0 operating system or above. Although there are many, this application also has limitations in font choices so you need to look for it in other applications if it is not there.