This article still discusses wifi passwords. Namely how to change the wifi password for Biznet and Bolt Home providers. More or less the same way as other providers.

Previously, had made a guide on how to change the wifi first media password complete with internet package info. Please visit to compare with Biznet or Bolt Home.

Indeed, how to change a wifi password is very important to know. There are many reasons for this, it could be security. Avoid stowaways without permission, or others.

However, what is clear is that provider users still need to know the ins and outs of the services they use. Not only about resetting passwords, knowledge such as bill checks, payment limits, status, etc. is also worth knowing.

Here’s how you can change the wifi password from the internet service providers Biznet and Bolt Home.

How to Change Biznet Wifi Password

This Biznet provider is one of the most popular providers in Indonesia because it offers fast internet surfing speeds. The popularity obtained by Biznet is inseparable from the number of game events that use this provider, thus increasing public confidence.

How to Change Biznet Wifi Password

The following are the steps to change the wifi password from the Biznet provider:

Step 1: Open a browser on your PC or Laptop

The first thing you need to do is open the browser already installed on your device. And no browser conditions are required, meaning you are free to choose which browser you use.

Step 2: Go to the address

After you open the browser, then you have to open the ip address below and wait for the page to appear:

Step 3: Enter the page

After you enter the IP address above, a login page will appear, please fill in the page with your username admin and also a password admin, then click apply.

Step 4: Enter the Settings Menu

After successfully entering the Biznet dashboard page, then select the settings menu => wifi settings.

Step 5: Change Password and Apply

After the steps above, you will enter the password setting page. Please change the wifi password in the passphrase column. After finishing filling in the new password, then please click apply.

The process of changing the Biznet wifi password has also been completed. That means, your old password is no longer valid. Please use a new password to connect to your internet connection.

How to Change Wifi Bolt Home Password

Bolt Home is the newest product owned by the Bolt provider. With Bolt Home, users can install Bolt as the main wifi device in their home.

Bolt Home itself has several advantages that are offered so that it is also widely used in Indonesia. To change the Bolt Home wifi password, here are the ways you can do it:

How to Change Wifi Bolt Home Password

Step 1: Open the address

Please open the address on your laptop or PC browser. Wait until the page of the ip address you typed appears.

Step 2: Login to the Page

After successfully connecting to the front page, please enter with your username admin and the password is also filled in with admin.

Step 3: Select the Settings menu and Quick Settings

After successfully entering the main dashboard of Bolt Home, please select the settings menu => quick settings.

Step 4: Change password and apply

After that you can change your Bolt Home wifi password by filling it in the wifi password field. Please enter your new password. Click Apply when finished filling. And your new password has been successfully generated.