Currently, Netflix is ​​one of the most popular streaming video viewing platforms worldwide since it has an impressive catalog and is compatible with many devices. However, the truth is that the fact that it is a payment platform means that on many occasions, it is necessary to share accounts, with all the risks that this implies.

In this sense, most likely, you do not want your family, friends or colleagues to access your own profile within the application, since this way, they can manage what you see at all times for you. For this reason, there is the possibility of creating a PIN code, which Netflix will request every time you access your profile, and you can quickly solve this problem.

Maintain your privacy by protecting your Netflix profile with a PIN code

As we mentioned, in this case, Netflix gives by default the possibility of blocking profiles so that nobody except you can directly access serial. The activation in the question of this service is very simple, but it cannot be carried out (subsequent verification if) from the applications, but you will have to do it through the official website:

  1. Access Netflix from the web and log into your account.
  2. Choose your profile and, once inside, click on the icon with your avatar in the upper right, and choose “Account” from the options menu.
  3. Scroll down to the Profile and parental control section and click on your profile.
  4. In the “Profile lock” area , press the button called “Change”.
  5. Re- enter your Netflix account password.
  6. Check the box “A PIN is required to access the profile of …” .
  7. Choose your 4 digit PIN code. When you have it, click on “Save” and the changes will be applied.

Once you have done this, if someone tries to access your profile, regardless of the device, it will be shown as blocked, and in order to enter, they will have to enter the 4-digit PIN code that you have configured for it.