Instagram is one of the right platforms for advertising. The reason is, this platform has been “hijacked” by Facebook in 2012. It has many active users on its service.

In Instagram’s internal data, as of September 2017 alone, this image-based social media service is able to attract up to 500 million active users every day. This data is strengthened by the fact, that 80 percent of users follow a business account on the service.

Other interesting data, from 500 Million active daily users, more than 200 million view business accounts every day, even though two-thirds are accounts that do not follow the business account being viewed.

In other data disclosed by Yotpo, it was also mentioned that at least more than 30 percent of Instagram users bought the products they found in this social media service.

How to Advertise on Instagram?

  1. To be able to use the advertising features on Instagram, the account used must be a business account.
  2. Next, enter the post that will be advertised and select the Promote button at the bottom right of the image.
  3. If the Facebook account access option appears, select Continue as username.
  4. Choose where to take people when you tap the button in the ad and click the arrow in the upper right corner.
  5. Set the target user to be targeted, in this case, you can create your own or automatically, and click the arrow again.
  6. Set the financing plan and the length of the ad features subscription, and confirm by tapping the arrow.
  7. See examples of advertisements through options Show Example Promotions.
  8. Click the button Add money to choose another payment option, then select New Credit or Debit Card, and fill out the requested form.
  9. Press the button Save card when it’s finished.
  10. If everything is set, select Create Promotion.

After finishing creating the ad, don’t forget to check the ad’s achievements and success from the Insights button found on the promoted upload. This is useful for evaluating such as to determine the next target market and so forth.

Is there a way to advertise for free on Instagram?

In addition to utilizing the advertising features on Instagram, you can also take advantage of hashtag which is free to use in creating advertisements. This feature you can use to make uploads reach more users by using hot topics.

As a trick, if you don’t have the tools to see what topics are hot, you can use Twitter, because in the search section it usually displays topics or hashings that are being discussed a lot by citizens.

Not only hashtags are currently popular, to reach more users, but you can also install hashtags in the form of a brand, contest, time, or many other things on the upload that you want to advertise.

And specifically, you can also use hashtags on your profile page so your business profile can also be reached when users are searching for topics with particular hashtags.

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