Add watermark in photos is something that is always done by photographers. Usually, to add watermark on photo done with the process editing using a PC. But, for those of you who like photography smartphoneYou can also add watermark in the photo using application in smartphone.

Just so you know, watermark is a sign that the results of photos that we upload on the internet or social media are not easily recognized by other people who are not responsible.

Well, by adding watermark on the photo using smartphone, certainly makes the job much more practical.

Moreover, when pictures are taken using smartphone. You certainly don’t need to bother moving photos to a PC just to add a watermark.

So, this time the team TechHow will give you how to add watermark in photos using the application at smartphone. Easy really how, as long as follow these tips from us. Come see!

Note: Before adding watermark, make sure you have prepared a logo image in PNG format, which has image transparency. So that later there are no insignificant parts of the logo that cover the main image, when used as a watermark.

  1. Install the Adobe Photoshop Mix Application. This application is available for free at Google Play Store.
  2. Open the photo you want to add watermark. How, click in the lower right corner, find the destination folder where the photo you want to edit.

  3. Then, add the logo watermark on the photo. The trick, press the button + on the right side of the screen.
  4. Find the logo that you want to make as the watermark, then enter it as a layer in the workspace.
  5. Adjust the size and position of the logo watermark. To set the size, can be done by pinching the screen where the logo is placed. Meanwhile, to adjust the position, enough drag logo to the desired place.
  6. Adjust the transparency of the logo. You do this by clicking on the button Blend.
  7. Save photos that have been added watermark by pressing the button Share in the upper right hand corner, then choose Save to Gallery.
  8. The following are examples of photos that have been added watermark.

How, it’s easy how to add watermark on photos using the application at smartphone? Good luck trying it!