Floods certainly cause many problems such as the closed streets of the city. Fortunately, we can check which roads are currently closed by using the features they have Google Maps.

Google Maps is one of my favorite services. Although Waze has now joined Google, this service is more familiar to me so it’s easier to operate it.

In addition, services that also have an application on a smartphone device It also offers a variety of features that are quite helpful. Some of them are information about traffic jams and road closures which are quite important to know when going to travel.

In the flood time, this service also provides quite detailed information. One of them is about which roads are now being closed due to the accident. Let’s understand how to see the closed road during the floods on Google Maps.

How to add road closures to Google Maps during a crisis

For those of you who want to travel, you can see which roads are closed due to flooding or any accident by opening the Google Maps application on a smartph1. If the application does not show road closure information, you can then tap on the icon in the top right corner.

I mean this icon is an icon shaped layer or map layer. The location of the icon is under the place search column, precisely under the category of places recommended by Google Maps.

If you have chosen, a variety of options will appear from the type of map to the map details that can be added. To add information on the road blocking due to flooding, you can tap on options Traffic (Traffic) in section Map Details (Map Details).

How to enable google maps traffic details

After activating the option, tap on the map section to close the menu. Furthermore, the map will automatically display various kinds of information related to traffic on the road, including road closures.

Information regarding the closure of this road is indicated by a shaped symbol baton mark (!) is yellow or No entry is permitted (-) colored Red. If there is one of these signs, then it is possible that the road in question is closed.

Details of road closures on Google Maps

The mark can also be tapped to find out more details such as about how long the closure will take place. In addition, you can also provide the latest report by tapping Yes (Yes), No (No), or Not sure (Not sure) in the details that appear.

This is the reason why Google Maps is still one of my favorite services. Cool is not it?