Method for adding or removing signature in outlook is as follows:

How to Add or Change Signature in Outlook 

#1. How to Add Signature in Outlook

Step 1.  First login to your Outlook account.
Step 2. Then click on the File option found at the top left corner.
Step 3.  From there tap on the Options button as you can see in the image below:
Step 4.  It will open a new dialogue box from which you’ve to click on the Mail option. Check the image below:
Step 5. Then under the Compose Message section, you will find the Signatures button as shown in the image below. Tap on it.
Step 6. It will open a new dialogue box for you. From there tap on the New button which will pop up the box in which you can type the name for your signature. Then click OK.
Step 7. Further, from the below-given options, you can personalize your signature by changing text Font, size, or color as per your desire.
Step 8. Additional info: You can also simply add pictures, links, and a business card to your signature. And can also create a subtle handwritten signature to attach it on outgoing email.
Step 9. Also, designate if your signature settings must be applied for new email or while replying or for both from the “Choose default signature” section.
Step 10.  Lastly, click on the OK button at the bottom.

#2. How to Change Signature in Outlook

Step 1. First, follow the same steps to open the Signatures dialogue box as mentioned above.
Step 2. Later, choose the Signature you want to modify from the “Select signature to edit” box.
Step 3. Now, you can either choose to Rename the selected signature name or change the color, size or font from the below-given options below.
You can also add a new signature or picture or business card to change signature in outlook as required by you. As shown in the image below:
When changes are made, you click on the OK button and it’s done!