Do you also use Google Maps for navigation to the unknown places or to know the traffic status on the route your Home or Work Place? Google Maps helps you in reaching time. On a daily basis, if you also use Google Map from/to your Home/Work address, then every time you have to type these address. This can easily be sorted by just permanently adding your Home and Workplace addresses in Google Map.

Yes, Now you don’t need to enter your Home/Work or any other favorite place addresses every time, you can save it on your device. It will save your time and you can instantly get direction from the selected place to your Home, Work or favorite place. Let’s see How you can set/add or change your Home, Work address on Google Maps?

When you are away from home it is very practical to know the time it takes to return, so we know how long we can stretch a visit or shopping so as not to return home late, or to not be late for work, and this is something that the Google application can inform us at any time if you know our home and work address.

If in our Google account we have said where we live and where we work, then whenever the time to go to work approaches or we are away from home, the Google application, through its Now cards, will inform us of the time to reach home or work, taking into account the current traffic from our current location.

 How to Add or Change Home, Work address on Google Maps

First, we learn how to set or add Home or Work Address on Google Maps on Android/iPhone as well as a Desktop system.

#1. Set or Add Home, Work Address on Google Map on Desktop/PC

Simple steps to add the Home, Work address on Google Maps

Step 1: Open Google Maps on Your Computer

Step 2: Make sure that you are signed into the account if you want to know the procedure of “adding a new address to Google Maps”.

add or change my home address on Google Maps

Step 3: Now click on the arrow present on the left side

Step 4: A sidebar will open.

add or change my home address on Google Maps

Step 5: Now click on “Set a home address” in the side panel

Step 6: Enter your present address in the search bar and click “Save”.

Step 7: Now your address will be saved in Google Maps.

In a similar fashion, you can also set the Work address.

#2.  Set or Add Home, Work Address on Google Map on Android/iPhone

We generally use our Mobile device for navigation, so let’s see how to add or set Home, Work address on your Android/iPhone device. Steps are same for both devices, as given below:-

Step 1: Open Google Map App on your mobile device.

Step 2: Tap on the ‘3 horizontal bar’ icon from the top left corner.

Step 3: From the Sidebar, simply tap on ‘Your Places’ option.

Here you can see ‘Labelled, Saved, Shared and Upcoming, Visited’ Tabs.

Step 4: By default, you will be in ‘Labelled’ Tab, where you will get two Label: ‘Home’ and ‘Work’. Simply Tap on anyone that you want to Set.

Step 5: On the next screen, Enter your Address or you can directly ‘Choose on Map’. Once set, then Tap on ‘Save’ Button from the bottom.

#3. How To Change Home/Work Address on Google Map on Desktop/PC

To change the Home/Word address on Google Map, just follow the steps as given below:-

Step 1: Enter the new home address and save it.

Step 2: From now onwards, your new home address will be displayed in Google Maps.

You can change this address in two ways:-

(i) again Go to Your Places –> Labelled –> Home Address. Here as you hover your Mouse on this address, you will get an ‘X’ icon at the right of it. Simply Click on it to remove this address.

(ii) Search ‘Home’ in the Map, you can see your Set Home Address with an Edit option. 

add or change my home address on Google Maps

Click on ‘Edit’ and enter a new address and save it.

add or change my home address on Google Maps

Now you can again set your New Home address.

#4. How To Change Home/Work Address on Google Map on Android/iPhone

Steps are pretty similar as explained above:-

Step 1: Open Google Map App.

Step 2: Tap on ‘3 Horizontal lines’ icon from the top right corner and go with ‘Your Places’.

Step 3: Under the Labelled tab, you can see the ‘3 vertical dots‘ icon next to your set Home/Work Address. 

change my home address on Google Maps on Android

Step 4: Now you can again set your new Home Address from Map, at last tap on ‘Save’ button after selecting the address/location.

change my home address on Google Maps on Android

You can edit these addresses at any time by following the above-mentioned steps.

How to Change Icon of Home & Office

Once the address of our house and/or work is established, we will see how Google Maps shows us a generic marker on the map informing us that this point is our house or our work. If we want, we can change the marker icon from Your sites> Tagged and clicking on Change the icon from the options that appear in the menu of the address of our home or work. We have 38 different icons.

How do you usually get around

By default, Google understands that we move home and work with the car but from the Google application, in addition to being able to tell you from there our home and work addresses if we did not tell you through Google Maps, we can tell you how we usually move.

For this, in the Google application we are going to Personalize> Usual route> See all the configuration options and already in “How do you usually go to work” and “How do you usually get around” we tell you if we go by car, on foot, by public transport or by bicycle.

Once Google knows your addresses and the way you travel, you will be able to see throughout the day how the Google application through information cards or a notification the time it would take to get home or work.

You can use the above-mentioned steps to add or edit your business address too. If you have ever got a doubt of how to change my business address on Google Maps follow the above procedure.

How to create and share your Google Maps place lists

Google Maps allows us to create lists of places with our favorite places or those places that we want to visit on our next trip. But not only that, we can also add our own comments and share our place lists with everyone.

Below we explain how you can easily create and share your place lists through the official Google Maps application for Android.

Create a list of places

When we consult the file of a place we can save it in a list by clicking on Save and selecting the list in which we want to save said place. By default Google Maps has the lists of Favorites, I want to go and Featured sites, each with its own identifier icon that we will see on the map.

If we do not like these predefined lists we can create a new list in the New list option and add the name that we want. The site will be added to that newly created list.

To see all our lists we have to open the side menu of the application and access Your sites> Saved. In that tab will be all our lists.

Edit our lists

In the Saved tab we can edit our lists to add a description and also add more sites from there. We can also delete the lists that we no longer want to have.

Add Comments

By editing our list we can also add tips and comments for each place. We just have to click in the text field “Say something about this site” of each place to write information that may be useful.

The privacy of our lists

Finally, we have the possibility of Sharing our lists with our contacts through any of the messaging or communication applications installed on our device. Also by pressing Menu> Sharing options we can make the public list public so that anyone can see it when doing a Google search or visiting our public Google Maps profile.

How to add tips and comments to your Google Maps lists

Since the beginning of the year we can create and share lists of places through Google Maps , to be able to recommend to our friends or to any user who accesses our list the best sites or places that they have to visit.

Now now the lists were limited to showing a list with places, there was no way to complement the information with advice and comments until now …

Adding tips and comments

The latest beta version of Google Maps already allows us to edit our place lists to add tips and comments to each of our recommended places.

To do this we just have to go to Your Sites> Saved, select a list and tap on the pencil icon to edit the list. There we will see that in addition to the title and the description of the list we can add a comment for each saved place. After saving the changes, we will see when we open the list again that will appear those tips and comments that later are very useful for those who receive our list.