Few MP3 files through iTunes

Step 1.  Connect your iPhone to your MacBook or PC through a USB cord. iTunes should launch as soon as you connect it. If it doesn’t open automatically, run a search for it and open it.

Step 2. Here, under the devices section, look for your iPhone.

Step 3. This will unfold a list menu. Open Songs under this section. Here, you will see that the music area is empty. It is here that we want to transfer our MP3 files. This is only an example. Your iPhone might have some pre-existing music files in it.

Step 4. Now, go to ‘Songs’ under ‘Library. You will see the music files you have added to your iTunes in your laptop.

Step 5. From these files, chose the music file you want to transfer to your iPhone. You can make more than one selection by clicking on the items and pressing the ‘command’ key at the same time.

Step 6. Now, left-click over all the selected items and drag them towards the ‘devices’ section in the list on the left side.

Step 7. Let go of the left click over blue highlight box that appears over the iPhone section.

Step 8. Now, click on ‘Music’ under the ‘Devices’ section.

Step 9. You will see that all selected MP3 files have been added to your iPhone music list. The process is now complete. You can eject your iPhone from your laptop.

By syncing iTunes storage 

Step 1. Through this method, you will automatically see all the additions to your MP3 files done in your Mac or laptop on your iPh1. This method will not work if you have space constraints in your iPh1. Open iTunes once again.

Step 2. Here, notice the small iPhone icon in the second selection row.

Step 3. Clicking on this will open a new window with a summary of your iPhone.

Step 4. From the list on the left side, select the ‘Music’ option.

Step 5. This will open a new window showing your sync settings.

Step 6. At the bottom, notice the ‘Sync’ button. Click on it.

Step 7. Your MacBook or laptop will take a few moments to sync its music library to your iPhone’s.

Step 8. To confirm if the sync has taken place, from the list on the left under the ‘On My Device’ section select the ‘Music’ option.

Step 9. You will see that your Music list has all the files initially only in your laptop. You have successfully transferred all songs to your iPhone.