Guided Steps to Add Any Footnote in Google Docs:-

Step 1. To Add footnote in Google Docs, you first have to open a “Google Docs”.

Step 2.  Open an existing Google Docs or a new Google Docs where you want to add a footnote.

Step 3.  Write something on the document if it is a new Google Docs.

Step 4.  After you have written something, place the “insertion pointer” after the written text with which Footnotes in Google Docs will refer.

Step 5.  Now Left Click on the “Insert” option.

Step 6.  A drop-down menu list will open up.

Step 7.  Left Click on “Footnote”.

Step 8.  In the body of this document, a superscript number will be placed by Google Docs when you click on “Footnote”.

Step 9.  The insertion pointer will be after the superscript number at the bottom of this page.

Step 10. Now to Insert footnotes in Google Docs, you just have to type the text that you want to display as a piece of additional information to the viewers.

Step 11. After typing the text like “This is a footnote.”, press the “Esc” key of your computer keyboard so that you can return back to the body of the document to write the main text further.