WhatsApp presenting features dark mode which allows users to change the appearance of the WhatsApp interface to completely black. Curious, how activate WhatsApp in dark mode smartphone Android?

By activating this mode, the appearance of the WhatsApp application will change from white to black. This feature is said to have advantages that can make smartphone become more battery-efficient.

In addition, the WhatsApp dark mode feature is also said to make the eyes more comfortable when using it in low light. Thus, the user’s eyes do not get tired when constantly seeing it.

Well, rather than getting more curious, this time the team TechHow will share how to activate the WhatsApp dark mode on smartphone Android. Check it out!

Note: This method only applies to those of you who join the WhatsApp Beta program.

  1. First, open your WhatsApp application.
  2. Then, enter the section Settings.
  3. In the menu Settings, You will find a column Chats.
  4. After logging into Chats, there will be a choice Theme.
  5. You will be offered a choice of theme options that can be used.
  6. As Light and Dark. To activate WhatsApp dark mode, select Dark.
  7. Voila! Now your WhatsApp display will turn completely black. It looks more fresh, because for a long time the user has only been presented with a white face.

One more thing you should pay attention to, this WhatsApp dark mode feature is only available for WhatsApp beta users. So, in addition to beta users, they can only taste it when it is available to all users.

Usually, if the feature has entered the beta session, it’s likely that the feature will not be available for all WhatsApp users soon. Also, how to activate dark mode will not be different.

Surely this way you can still do it when the official version of the application has come out in the Google Play Store, man! Well, that’s how to activate dark mode. Good luck and good luck!