Instagram application has an awesome feature that allows its users to have multiple Instagram accounts. Instagram’s multi-account feature is very helpful for influencers and businesses.

You can also use the Instagram multi-account feature without rooting your smartphone and simultaneously activate two or more Instagram accounts.

Let’s see how to activate multiple accounts or have multiple accounts in one Instagram application.

      1. First of all, make sure you have an Instagram application version 7.15.0 or higher. If your Instagram application version is below this then you need to update your application via Google Play Store for Android devices or Apple App Store for iPhone or iPad.
      2. Once you have updated the Instagram application then login by using username and password.
      3. To start using the multi-account feature, you can select the menu Options or Choice symbolized by three dots at the top right of the user’s profile page.
      4. Next, click on the setting menu. Now scroll and find Add Account menu.
      5. Add Account allows you to add multiple accounts at once in one Instagram application. When you select the menu Add Account then the Instagram application will direct you to the login page which leads you to enter a second account by filling in the username and password which has been made.
      6. After successfully logging in with the second account, you will enter the second user profile page for the second account and will see a change in the user profile page menu no longer bearing the person symbol but becoming the second account profile photo.

If you want to change the second account into the first account on the Instagram application, then the method is quite easy.

  1. First, you can enter the user’s profile page and then press the account name at the top left.
  2. After pressing the account name, it will show other accounts and accompanied by a menu Add Account which allows adding a third account onwards. Switching between accounts in this Instagram app is fast and smooth.
  3. Although there can only be one account displayed in the Instagram application, both accounts are active simultaneously so that if there is login activity such as people commenting or doing things, like photos against both user accounts will be visible.

If you are interested in activating multiple accounts on the Instagram application, you can follow the steps above.