As one of the most popular messaging or messaging applications in the world, Telegram has presented various interesting features for its users. Even to make users comfortable in using it in the daytime or nighttime conditions, Telegram has also presented the Dark Mode feature on applications on smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices.

Dark Mode allows the background display (background) of the Telegram application to be dark or black and the writing to white so that makes users comfortable when viewing the content in low light conditions or night.

Even when the Telegram application uses Dark Mode insufficient light or daytime conditions, users can still comfortably view the content displayed. For those of you who are curious to activate this feature, you can see the tutorial as follows.

How to Activate Dark Mode in Telegram

  1. First, make sure your Telegram application is the latest version
  2. Next, open Telegram on the smartphone
  3. After the application opens, you will be presented with main page Telegram containing the last chat with other users
  4. On the main page, select menu symbolized line three on the top left
  5. Next, select the menu Dark Mode with the symbol Crescent moon at the top
  6. Once selected, the feature Dark Mode will be activated by changing the background of the Telegram application to dark or black.

Telegram Dark Mode

For some people, Dark Mode is very convenient to use when viewing the content in low light or night conditions. But for some others, this feature makes the eyes become dizzy because the background turns dark.

In other words, the use of Dark Mode itself is the taste of smartphone users. If this feature feels uncomfortable, then you don’t need to activate it at all and use the default display interface of the application being used.

In addition, Telegram is also able to accommodate more people in the group than WhatsApp. Meanwhile, if you send a file in the application, Telegram will immediately offer two options for file choices consisting of the original file size or the size of the compressed file.

This application itself can be used on many devices at the same time with the same data at one time because the data owned by users are stored on Cloud Server from Telegram. Whereas WhatsApp can only be used with one smartphone, where data will be deleted from the previous device when switching Telegram accounts to other devices.