More and more users who, recommended by a Mac user, decide to switch to the Apple computer. They generally seek consistency, with software and hardware developed to interact with one another. MacOS developers know this and try to make the operating system as practical and simple as possible for users who are starting out on their first Mac.

By default, a Windows user assiduously accesses system folders. In MacOS, if you don’t know it in depth, you can modify something you shouldn’t do like: delete files, or move folders to wrong locations, etc.

For this reason, in the current version of MacOS Sierra, the library folder is hidden by default . First of all, tell you that a normal user will not miss the folder in question, but an advanced user who wants to know or delete information from the hard drive may require their access. The folder contains preferences files, caches and application support data.

Therefore, the folder is hidden, because we cannot find it in its usual menu: in the top menu, “Go” menu.

To access it we have to carry out this action:

  1. In the Finder menu, click on “Go”.
  2. Once the menu is displayed, we must press the «Alt» key as magic, the Library option appears, right in the middle of the menu.
  3. Move without releasing the cursor to the function and you will see how you access the folder of the active user.

As always, we have a keyboard shortcut that will allow us to access the active user’s Library folder from the finder. This keyboard shortcut is: Command + Shift + L. 

How to Access Library on Mac

Step 1. Go to Finder


Step 2. Type Command + Shift + G

Step 3. Library opens, type which folder inside you want to open



Step 1. Go to Finder

Step 2. On the top menu go to
Go → Computer → Macintosh HD → Library


And finally, if we want to always have the library option visible in the “Go” function of the Finder, we can activate it, thanks to the help of the terminal . In this case, the command line to write is as follows:

chflags nohidden ~ / Library /

As always, we recommend that you do not touch anything in the Library folder, unless you are totally sure of this action.