How to Access Clipboard Windows 10

Once you upgrade your Windows version to the October 2018 update, you will be able to access and use the new Clipboard option on Windows 10

Step 1. Go to Windows Settings from the Start button located on the down left corner. Under settings, select “system” and then click on “Clipboard”

Step 2. To enable clipboard history, toggle and turn “Save multiple items” as “On”

Step 3. There is a very interesting feature in the new version that stores the clipboard history on cloud and allows you to access the same on multiple devices. Click “Sync across devices” and turn it on.

Step 4. If you enable the feature “Automatically sync text that I copy”, Windows 10 will automatically sync everything that is copied to the clipboard.

Step 5. However, this option can be set to “Never automatically sync text that I copy” so that the passwords and other sensitive data is not copied.

Step 6. The clipboard tool can be opened in any application by pressing Windows+V

Step 7. It appears as a panel that shows all your copied data, which can be selected and pasted anywhere you want.

Step 8. The items that are used frequently can be “pin”ned so that they don’t get deleted to create space for new data.

Step 9. Also, there is a “X” button available to remove data that you think will not be used by you even later.

Step 10. You can also clear clipboard history by going back to Windows “Settings” > System> Clipboard and then clicking on “Clear” under “Clear clipboard data”.