The key is prevention …

In general with our health, it is very important to prevent any problem or illness before starting to feel something that could be serious. Women over time begin to know ourselves and identify when something is wrong with our reproductive system and our vagina. Many times some signs that you can identify to know if you need attention is having more vaginal discharge, peculiar odors, itching, bleeding, among others.

In these times more than ever, going to a doctor can be a bit complicated due to the coronavirus. For this reason, you must be very attentive to changes in your vaginal flora to avoid having to leave your house. There are certain products that you can use by yourself if you notice any changes. If you have the resource to contact a doctor to consult first, that would be ideal. Also remember to read the instructions and recommendations well before using any product for your health.

1. Vaginal probiotic – Jarrow:

Oral probiotic designed to protect the vaginal tract. It contains two prebiotic strains that help restore pH and regenerate vaginal flora. It comes with three refrigerated units.

They are useful pills for women who frequently suffer from infections, caused by low defenses or as a secondary reaction to the consumption of antibiotics. Its components allow you to maintain good vaginal health.

2. Vaginal suppositories Boric Acid NutraBlast:

This is a treatment which restores normal vaginal pH balance levels. Fights odors, burning, itching, unbalanced discharge, chronic recurrent vaginal conditions, vaginitis, bacterial vaginosis, BV, Gardnerella vaginalis, acidic vaginal fluid, dryness, or any other vaginal health condition. Boric Life Women’s Medical Grade Pharmaceutical NutraBlast OTC OTC helps to relieve pain and irritation quickly and efficiently. Designed by modern women, for modern women, NutraBlast Boric Acid Vaginal Suppositories contain 600 mg (recommended dose) of 100% pure Boric Acid Powder. It is absolutely safe to use, acts as a cleanser and balances the ph level of women.

These female boric acid suppository capsules support vaginal health. Simply insert 1 capsule of NutraBlast boric acid suppository per day into the vagina with an applicator or your finger before going to bed for 7 consecutive days. If symptoms persist, repeat for another week. If they still continue see a doctor. Is he # 1 best seller on Amazon within its category.

3. Summer’s Eve: Cleansing Wash Lavender:

Vaginal soap with a ph balanced that leaves a scent of lavender on your skin, thanks to its ingredients of natural origin it does not generate any type of allergic reaction and can be used on sensitive skin.

Give your private parts complete care that eliminates bad odors and the bacteria that cause it. This product it has active ingredients whose effect can last all night.