If you are marked by another unknown account on Instagram,  sometimes it may annoy you. I myself certainly delete it immediately so that the content does not appear on the profile page.

The tag feature can indeed be used to tag people related to the content that we upload and can be a means to show who is in the photo or video or also as a means to establish communication with the people we mean.

But unfortunately, this fun feature is sometimes tainted by the behavior of Instagram users who take other advantages from it. Very often some users are tagged by an unknown account as a pretext for promotions and other purposes. So, how can we delete and hide tags on Instagram to avoid such situations?

How to Hide and Remove Tagged Instagram Photos From Your Profile

Fortunately, Facebook as the developer behind this social media also includes a delete tag feature or a feature to hide it. Of course both can be used to remove content that marks us from the profile page.

The delete tag feature can be used by users by opening photos or videos that tag us. Next tap on the part username (username) that appears when the content is tapped.

Later options will appear that can be selected including Remove me from post, Hide from profile (Android) or Hide from My Profile (iOS), and Learn more.

To delete an account, you can choose an option Remove me from post then Yes, I’m sure (Android) or Remove (iOS).

How to delete tags on Instagram 1

To hide it from the profile page, you can choose Hide from profile (Android) or Hide from My Profile (iOS) from the options that appear. If you want to hide it collectively from a lot of content, then you can do it through Settings.

Tap the icon Menu in the upper right corner of the profile page, then select Settings. Then choose an option Privacy> Tag> Hide photos and videos (Android) or Hide photos and videos of you (iOS).

How to delete tags on Instagram 2

Select all the photos or videos you want to hide and press crossed out eyes icon (Android) or Hide (iOS) for confirmation. The content will automatically be hidden from the profile page.

You can certainly choose one of the two ways above as needed. The delete feature will make your username tag completely disappear whereas choosing just hide will make the tag still present, but the content will not be displayed on the profile.