To avoid annoying adverts, some users choose the YouTube Advanced application to enjoy various videos on YouTube services. What is YouTube Vanced?

YouTube Vanced is one of the tools chosen by users to enjoy premium features. YouTube Vanced is a modified version of YouTube that adds several features such as ad blocking, behind-the-scenes video playback, dark mode, and so on.

This modified YouTube application can be used both for devices already root or not with the main support that is not much different for both, although the version of the application used is slightly different.

This application does not technically modify YouTube on the site but only renders the device, giving rise to gray areas for its use.

Some people think that using it is illegal while others consider it legal. I myself agree with a number of things expressed by Mouse Street, which shows that using this application can be quite dangerous.

Although what is dangerous in this case is not the application, but downloading an application from a third-party service does not guarantee that the application is not compromised by a very dangerous virus, malware or spyware.

Especially in terms of service for YouTube in the Permissions and Restrictions section, Google also discloses that users may not modify, circumvent, or deactivate any part of the service.

If this is violated, Google technically has the right to take over or delete accounts that are owned by users. It should be noted, the YouTube Vanced application in my opinion has outsmarted the service in this regard.

So overall, I don’t recommend using this third-party application even though many find it useful. It’s a good idea to subscribe to YouTube Premium if you want to enjoy some additional features offered by YouTube Vanced.

YouTube itself has become one of the most popular social media platforms all around the world. The platform which now operates under Google has even become the most used platform.

Based on data revealed by various reports, the percentage of users who access YouTube reaches 88 percent, beat WhatsApp which is only 84 percent, Facebook which is only 82 percent, and other social media.

With a very large number of users, Google implements a subscription system as a form of monetization with the lure of premium access such as ad-free access, support for playing YouTube Music behind the scenes, to support for downloading videos.

But unfortunately not everyone wants to pay the subscription fee, even though the cost is actually quite affordable. As an alternative, some of them use support from third parties to do it.