Several years ago, the first solution that could be taken for a smartphone that hangs (not responding) is to force it off by removing the battery. However, Now a days, almost all the smartphones coming with non-removable battery. Then in such cases this old method will not work.

Usually you only need to press the power button for a few moments and then choose Power off if you want to turn off your  smartph1. This method can be taken when the device can respond to touches on the screen.

But when the smartphone hangs, of course all responses will not be detected properly. For that, you do the following trick so you can turn off your smartphone and reload it.

For those of you who use a smartphone with a removable battery, the solution is very easy. All you have to do is open the back cover of the smartphone, then remove the battery from the holder. Then you just install it again and turn on the smartphone as usual.

While for the smartphone users with an embedded battery, you certainly won’t be able to force it the same way. You also will not find a special button that can be used forcibly shut off smartphones like other brands.

Then how to do it? Do you really have to take it to your smartphone Service Center ? Let’s check out another way to do it.

How to Forcefully Restart a Hanged Mobile Phone With Non-Removable Battery

Take it easy, don’t be rash. Before you bring your smartphone to SC, you can try turning it off by pressing the button Power and buttons Volume Down simultaneously for a few moments.

How to turn off Samsung mobile phones

If successful, the device will reboot automatically or in some conditions only make the smartphone so that it is necessary to turn it back on manually.

In addition to using the method above, you can also let the smartphone hang for hours until the battery is drained. This method might take a while, but can be used as another solution to turn off your smartphone that is error.

If the device turns back on as before, you can cleaning storage from unused files, update the system, enter safe mode and checking the system, or resetting the device to factory conditions to ensure that problems do not reappear.

However, if the problem is not resolved, the best solution is to bring the smartphone to the service center so that more skilled technicians can diagnose the problem further because it could have been caused by damage to the hardware.