Google Maps is one of the navigation services that I like because this service can be used to share the location of a place in the form of coordinates.

As navigation service in general, Google Maps actually uses the geographic coordinate system in its service to help users in the navigation field.

Geographic coordinate system itself is a system that can be used to indicate the position of a place on the entire surface of the earth in the form of a series of letters, numbers, and symbols.

There are many depictions of positions that can be used in this system, but in general, it is usually indicated in the form of latitude, longitude, and altitude as on Google Maps.

Even though you can share the data using the link on the Google Maps service, you can share it directly using the coordinates so that it is more accurate.

How to do it? Especially for those of you who are interested in using coordinate points to share locations on Google Maps, let’s discuss how to in this article.

How to find coordinate points on Google Maps to share location more accurately

In order to share your location with coordinates, the first step you can take is to see the coordinates themselves. As for the Google Maps service, you can do it directly from within the application.

Open the Google Maps application on the smartphone, then find the place to share. Tap and hold for a while on the place until a red location pin appears and a description of the place appears (Dropped Pin) at the bottom.

If so, you can see the coordinates of the place in the search field at the top of the Google Maps page. Copy the coordinates to save or share them directly.

How to See Coordinate Points on Google Maps 1

In other methods, you can also find these coordinates by tapping the description column Dropped pin. The coordinates of the place will be listed next to the pin icon at the bottom. You can scroll the screen if the icon has not yet appeared.

While for users who use Google Maps on a desktop or computer browser, it can be easier to see it. Users can see the coordinates just by tapping the place in question.

How to See Coordinate Points on Google Maps 2

If successful, a description of the location and coordinates will appear at the bottom. You can tap on it to get more information.

How to use it? To use these coordinates, you only need to write them in the Google Maps search field and then press the button Enter.

But keep in mind, Google Maps supports the Degrees, Minutes and Seconds (DMS) formats like 41 ° 24 ‘12.2 ″ N 2 ° 10 ‘26.5 ″ E, Degrees and Decimal Minutes (DMM) like 41 24.2028, 2 10.4418 and Decimal degrees (DD) like 41.40338, 2.17403.

Therefore, in order to successfully find a location with these writing methods, you must follow a number of correct coordinate writing formats on the Google Maps service.

First, use degrees instead of the letter “d”.

Second, use a period (.) Instead of a comma (,) to make a decimal number.

Third, specify the latitude coordinates first, then the longitude coordinates.

That’s it.