In the previous article, we discussed about five applications a scan document in smartphone which is available for free. And this time, we will provide more detailed information on how to do it a scan documents using a smartphone camera.

Enough with the application a scan use documents smartphone, we can easily get a satisfactory document scan. For you who are curious, consider the following tips!

  1. Install the Document scanner application to smartphone We. There are various document scan applications that are available for free both on the iOS and Android platforms. One of them that we will use is Genius Scan.
  2. After installing the application, open the application and select the camera icon to start scanning.
  3. Place the document you want to scan in front of your smartphone’s camera. There will be an orange area indicating the scanned area on the document. Automatically the orange area will detect the document you want to retrieve. Then click the check mark on the right.
  4. Rearrange the document cropping sections to fit the desired perspective. In addition to adjusting perspective, we can also choose the desired color format. Like the Black / White format, Color or Enhanced.
  5. Save the document that was scanned earlier, by clicking the share button in the upper right corner. After that select the format you want whether PDF or JPEG, then export it to smartphone memory storage. Or you can also send the document directly via email.

That was the easy way to do it scan documents using the application at a smartphone. You no longer need to bother using the device the scanner just to do a scan documents, especially if thosea scan only one or sheet. Unless you need to do a batch scan, using a smartphone application will definitely be a hassle.