No message sent on WhatsApp can not only occur due to poor cellular operator signal but can also be caused by the service being down or experiencing interference.

Like other internet-based platforms, the WhatsApp platform also has many aspects that developers need to manage well so that their services can run smoothly.

When one of these aspects such as software, network, or server is interrupted, users may be affected so that they cannot use the service properly.

In some cases like what happened in July 2019, for example, system error occurs during routine maintenance resulting in some WhatsApp users being unable to send photos or videos for hours.

But I need to emphasize, some errors or interruptions in sending messages through WhatsApp service can also occur on the user’s device or network. For that, you can be sure before judging the developers.

Easy Way To Check WhatsApp Is Interrupted or Not?

The easiest step to check whether WhatsApp is being interrupted or not can be done by seeing whether other users are also experiencing the disorder or not.

In this case, you can do it by visiting the page which will display reports of interruptions to WhatsApp services from time to time.

Specific sites that operate to monitor disruptions in a variety of services will display data such as the number of reports for 24 hours in the form of graphics, interference mapping, to the type of disturbance reported.

How to Check WhatsApp Crashes or Not

You can also report WhatsApp interruptions that you are experiencing through this service by tapping the “I have a problem with WhatsApp” button and selecting the type of interruption experienced.

Besides using this service, you can also use to do it. This site also has features that are more or less the same as the previous site.

If the disturbance report data on the two sites above is not much, then the disruption you experience on the WhatsApp service is most likely to occur on the device or network side.

You can try to solve in a number of ways recommended by WhatsApp on the following page.