Nothing can damage a writer’s reputation other than being accused of plagiarism. Even such accusations can put you on a bad record at work.

Therefore, it is very important for you to produce content and assignments that are free from plagiarism.

Meanwhile, plagiarism can occur even if it’s not intentional, for example a quote. Sometimes inaccurate citation can also be considered duplicate content.

Therefore, it is very important to avoid plagiarism in all its forms, which can be confirmed using an online plagiarism checker.

Students, bloggers and marketers should check for duplicate content and make it an integral part of their reviews via the online plagiarism checker.

Table of contents

  • What causes plagiarism in academics?
  • Feeling Enough with Others’ Writing
  • The value of the assignment
  • Reveal roadblocks
  • Best Online Plagiarism Checker

What causes plagiarism in academics?

First, let’s understand, what is plagiarism? Plagiarism is a representation of other writers’ work as theirs.

This can be intentional when someone deliberately copies content and ideas from other sources by changing sentences and replacing them with synonyms.

On the other hand, writers may even subconsciously create content that usually occurs when influenced by the style of the authors they admire.

In addition, a person is allowed to quote the work of other authors during his research. But often, they quote the wrong references, which leads to plagiarism.

Overcoming this plagiarism requires skill development and fostering an independent thinking environment.

Feeling Enough with Others’ Writing

Someone sometimes doesn’t really like the results of their own writing. They prefer to read the writings of other people who have years of experience.

This inspired them to copy or replace some words with synonyms and apply them to their assignments.

Students need to understand that they must write like ninth graders before writing like tenth graders.

It’s always a good idea to follow someone with exceptional writing skills, but copying their text is completely unacceptable.

You can adopt their style and use the plagiarism checker to verify your content.

The value of the assignment

Most schools and universities are judged on the quality of the assignment submitted by a student.

When a student realizes that his value is at stake, they tend to give the best they can, eventually copying content from other sources.

Students must be taught the value of assignments and how to assess and reflect their own knowledge.

Hence, it is important to enlighten them with the use and value of a plagiarism checker.

Reveal roadblocks

Students who usually copy content are those who have missed class or started work late on.

Procrastination can lead to failure in students who are unwilling to exert their efforts and instead use other people’s words and thoughts.

Plagiarism is an offense that needs to be eradicated in the best interests of students.

Thanks to SEO companies who have stepped forward and developed an online plagiarism checker to hold plagiarism accountable for their mistakes.

Best Online Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism, an intolerable act, can be checked through a plagiarism checker.

With advances in technology, developers have produced tools that compare text with content on the internet and flag when a suitable sentence is identified.

You will find lots of free plagiarism checkers on the internet, but we will reveal the most authentic ones you can rely on.

The site has a simple interface and offers a very efficient service.

Search Engine Reports

Search Engine Reports is by far the best plagiarism checker for business and academic assignments. You need to copy and paste your content in the text box, and the tool will run your content through its database of millions of websites. Alternatively, you can even upload a file from the system or Dropbox and insert a link to your article.


Copyleaks is another reliable plagiarism checker that students can use. The cloud computing technology of this tool matches content with internal and external online data. This powerful program can scan more than 60 trillion internet pages. This free tool supports multiple languages ​​and accepts files in multiple formats.


With intelligent artificial intelligence, your content is analyzed in real-time and produces results in 20 seconds. The smart tool matches every sentence of your content and highlights the copied ones. This tool also offers other services such as proofreading and grammar checking.

Small SEO Tools

The only way to predict your academic success is to have absolute confidence in the quality of your work. One tool that can help you here is Small SEO Tools. Its powerful tools will thoroughly check your assignment and produce accurate results.


Quality is paramount when it comes to academic assignments, and one thing that can’t be mentioned is originality. To make sure your content is unique, use this online plagiarism tool to avoid embarrassment at the hands of your teachers and even your employers.