Do sports at home!

If you are exercising at home during this quarantine, then you may need comfortable and inexpensive sneakers to train better. In this guide we want to show you 3 options for women and 3 options for men that you can find in Amazon under $ 70.

For woman

1. Under Armor

Of the brand Under ArmorThese sneakers are ideal for running and any other sport. They are made of fabric and synthetic leather, with a curved rubber base that guarantees better balance and stability. Due to its mesh fabric in the center and the perforations in the heel, it is a shoe that allows the foot to breathe and is very light.

In Amazon, these sneakers have the best evaluation of the list among the options for women, with 4.5 stars. You can find this model in several color options and customers mention that they are sneakers with a good fit, very comfortable and with a great price-quality ratio. They say they are perfect for sports or to wear throughout the day.

2. New Balance

In these sneakers New Balance We find a very modern design, made of synthetic and mesh type fabric. Due to its design it has a snug fit, to keep your foot more secure. It has a rubber sole that provides support with a low weight and an internal insole of memory foam.

Available in many different colors, these sneakers have priced under $ 50 on Amazon and are highly valued by customers. They have more than 5,600 reviews where the clients comment that it is a very comfortable and stylish model, although they recommend asking for half a size more since its fit is just right. In addition, they mention that they are very low weight and have a very versatile design.

3. Troadlop

A simple model and available in various colors, these troadlop tennis They are made of mesh-like fabric that allows the foot to breathe. On its sides it has a rubber structure through which the laces pass and allows to fit the footwear better to the foot. It has a high rubber base and it is a very low weight and flexible model.

These are the cheapest shoes for women, with priced under $ 40 on Amazon. You can find them in many color options and the clients mention that they are very good quality, very comfortable and low-priced sneakers, ideal for doing all kinds of sports comfortably.

For men

1. Under Armor

A simple model of the brand Under Armor It is made of mesh fabric to allow the foot to breathe. It is an ideal model for runners, as it offers great support at its base and low weight. These sneakers are available in medium sizes and extra wide sizes, to better adapt to each foot.

This is the best-selling men’s tennis model on the list, with more than 3,000 reviews on Amazon. They are available in various colors, are priced under $ 50, and customers say they are good quality sneakers with a good fit and very comfortable. They mention that they are ideal for all kinds of sports or to wear all day.

2. Feetmat

In this option of Feetmat We find a simple model, made of mesh fabric that allows the foot to breathe. At its sides it has a rubber structure that allows you to adjust the tennis to the foot more safely with its laces. In addition, they have a rubber base with a heel lift that offers greater stability and support.

Available in many different colors and less than $ 30These are the cheapest men’s tennis shoes in the guide. They are available in various colors and medium sizes, and customers comment that they have a good design, a good fit and that they are very comfortable tennis shoes, perfect for all kinds of sports.

3. Under Armor

Another model of Under Armor, with a mesh construction and synthetic fabric details. Due to their design, these sneakers let your feet breathe and offer a lot of comfort with their high rubber base. They are low-weight and flexible sneakers, available in medium sizes to better adapt to your foot.

These sneakers have a current discount of 25% and priced under $ 60 on Amazon. In addition, they are highly valued by customers who mention that they are very comfortable to carry out any physical activity and that they have a quality construction. In addition, thanks to its lacing system, it allows a more secure fit to the foot.

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