Google Maps is an application made by Google which is inseparable from Android, iOS or computer smartphone users.

Usually, Google Maps will be used for daily activities and will travel to other areas that have never been visited. Google Maps will make users know an easy route to get to the location.

Not only routes, but even Google Maps will also present traffic conditions, estimated travel time depending on the vehicle used, and even reviews from Google Maps users of the place appear.

But apparently users want to delete History Maps because they sometimes meet internal storage on smartphones. To that end, for Gadgeters who are curious about how to delete History on Google Maps, they can see the following information.

How to Delete History Maps from a Google Account

#1. Via smartphone

  1. First, open the Google Maps application on your Android or iPhone smartphone.
  2. Now, choose the menu with 3 lines on the top left of the application.
  3. Then choose the Settings menu.
  4. On the Settings page, you can choose the Maps History menu.
  5. In the Maps History page, you can press the X icon to the right of the Maps History location that has been visited.
  6. Next, a dialog box will appear to confirm and can immediately press the Delete key to delete.
  7. Finally, the History Maps will be deleted immediately.

For the record, History Maps that are present on Android or iOS smartphones can only be deleted one by one so you can press the X icon gradually on the History Maps of locations that have been visited.

#2. Through a browser via a PC or laptop

  1. First, open the Google Maps service on your PC/laptop and directly log in using a Google or Gmail account
  2. Now just go to the 3-line symbol.
  3. Then, choose the History menu from the list.
  4. On the History page, you can choose the More menu in the upper right corner.
  5. Then, you can choose “Delete Activity by”. In this case, you can choose Custom by entering the desired period or can choose All time to erase all History Maps
  6. Next, select All Products.
  7. After All Products, go with Map.
  8. Furthermore, Google will provide a confirmation message and if the Gadgeter agrees to delete History Maps then you can press the Delete key to delete all History Maps
  9. Finally, History Maps will be deleted

You could say, how to use a browser via a PC or laptop can be done effectively. But in my opinion, it is more practical to use an Android smartphone or iPhone because usually this device is always actively accompanying its users to perform daily activities.

Although there are two ways to delete History Maps, you can choose one of them depending on the conditions is using a smartphone or laptop. Good luck and hopefully this tutorial is useful.

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