How To Delete EA Account

If you want to remove EA account, then you need to follow the hassle-free steps which are given below:

Step 1. First, open your EA Account by navigating link.

Step 2. After that, click on the “Question Mark” icon showing next to your “Profile” icon on the right corner of the page.

Step 3. Then, you will be redirected to the new page. You need to scroll it and hit to the “EA Help” link.

How To Delete Ea Account

Step 4. After that, On the Help Box appearing on the net page, you need to search “How to close My Origin Account.”

Step 5. Then Hit to the “How Can I Close MY EA Account” link pop up on the new page.

How To Delete Ea Account

Step 6. Read the complete EA article for ea account delete, and after scrolling the page, you need to hit the “Contact Us” button.

How To Delete Ea Account

Step 7. Then on the next Page, you need to select the “Origin Access” tab from the EA Gaming and Service List.

How To Delete Ea Account

Step 8. After that, click on the “Manage My Account” tab and then select the “Delete Account” tab from the pop-up list.

Step 9. After choosing it, you need to tap on the “Select the Selected list” button available on the left bottom of the page.

How To Delete Ea Account

Step 10. After that to delete the EA account, you need to chat with support executive of origin. It will hardly take one minute.

How To Delete Ea Account

Step 11. Then, they ask you to why you want to delete your EA Account And a further question regarding EA account delete.

Step 12. Then they will provide you link to delete EA Account. You need to click on the “Finish and Save” button from it.

Step 13. This is how you can delete your EA Account.

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