A questionnaire is one method that can be used to gather information from many people for further analysis.

By analyzing the information that people have given on the questionnaire, we can learn various kinds of things from the questions we ask on the questionnaire.

In this digital era, questionnaires can be distributed quickly to many people via the internet through sites that provide questionnaire services. One that you can use to make a questionnaire for free is a Google-made service called Google Forms.

Initially, Google Form is a Google Sheets feature that was released in 2008. This feature allows you to add forms to spreadsheets, create them in separate sheets, and view responses to forms on other sheets.

As its success, Google also added a variety of features to Google Forms ranging from making questionnaires, forms, and much more. That way you can more easily get answers from people who are interested in filling out the questionnaire.

Now for those of you, who want to know how to make a questionnaire on Google Forms, then you can see the tutorial as follows.

How to Create a Questionnaire on Google Form

  1. First Open any browser applications (Firefox, Chrome, Edge, etc.) on your PC, laptop or smartphone.
  2. Now, just visit the address https://docs.google.com/forms/ in the Address Bar of your device browser.
  3. On the main page Google Forms, Sign in using your Gmail account
  4. Next, you will be presented with a variety of form creation templates. Refer to the image given below:-
  5. If you want to make it from scratch in full, then choose Blank
  6. Then you will be confronted with Form draft page
  7. On this page, you can specify the type of questions for the questionnaire, the filling method, time, paragraphs, short questions, and the title on the tab Question
  8. Make a questionnaire according to your needs
  9. Press the button Send which is at the top right when you are done
  10. Later a dialog box will appear asking you to share a link or link from the form that was created
  11. Send the link to the group or person you want to ask

There are various types of filling methods that are present in this Google Form ranging from Short Answer, Paragraph, Multiple Choice, Checkboxes, Dropdown, File Upload, Linear Scale, Multiple Choice Grid, Checkbox Grid, Date, to Time.

You can choose the types of buttons according to the needs of the questionnaire created. Meanwhile, tab Responses will show data from people who have filled out the questionnaire that we have made.

You can, of course, change the questionnaire data directly in the form of Sheets. With this Google Forms, you can create questionnaires and forms easily without having to spend a penny.

If you have any doubt, then please ask in comments. We will be happy to serve you more.