Amazon Prime customers have the opportunity to earn interesting benefits from Amazon. Some of them, customers have the opportunity to get exclusive items at Mobile Legends game.

As I have reviewed before, you who are registered with Amazon’s premium service can get items that include skin test cards, Lucky Tickets, Fortune Meteorites, Magic Wheel Potions, or Premium Skin Fragments.

These prizes can be obtained in stages. Although it lasts very long, you can only claim the prize in accordance with the specified time.

You can subscribe to Amazon Prime directly from the page, then next tap on the button Start your 30-day Prime FREE Trial (TRY PRIME).

Login using the account you have or you can press the button Create a new Amazon account if you don’t have an account at the service.

Fill out the form provided correctly and press the next button to get OTP code (One Time Password) sent by Amazon to an email or telephone number according to what you fill in the available fields.

Create an Amazon Prime Mobile Legend account

The next step, fill in the credit or debit card data that you will use to pay the subscription fee on Amazon Prime on the form provided

During the first month (30 days), you can enjoy Amazon Prime subscriptions for free. But in the following months, you will be charged a tariff as per your country tariff monthly

If you want to be more efficient, you can choose an annual subscription package.

Of course, you can cancel this subscription fee any time you want. Even you can cancel it after trying it for free and get interesting items that you want from the Mobile Legends game.

Besides getting various interesting items from the Mobile Legends game, you can also get interesting items from other popular games such as PUBG Mobile, League of Legends, APEX Legends, and so on.