The longer time we use our smartphone, it  will start slow down and one solution that is pretty much recommended is to clean up storage.

Freeing up the storage will make the system or application indirectly work lighter because it can access data faster and easier to find data.

One of the first things you can take is to clear the cache. Besides being able to expand memory storage, clearing the cache can refresh the system or application.

As a temporary data application, this type of data is also referred to as cache data this is indeed very useful because it allows faster application and system access without having to create new data if the data is the same. So, Lets see how to Clear Cache on Smartphones To Free up Space?

How to Clear Cache on Smartphones To Free up Space

Unfortunately, the cache of stacked data can be source of new problems because it will make full storage at the same time can also make the application run improperly when the application requires data that is completely new.

Fortunately, todays devices are equipped with an additional feature called Telephone Manager or similar which can be used by users to delete this temporary data.

Before proceeding further, it’s a good idea to update the Phone Manager application to the latest version. If so, then you can listen to the way as follows.

How to clear cache on HP OPPO

Open the application from the home page, then select an option Clean Memory and press the button All Application Cache Data (All Application Data).

Select applications that have large data caches or all applications if you do not want to bother, then finish by pressing the button delete. After pressing the button, all selected caches will be cleared automatically and the process cannot be undone.

As additional information, this step specifically applies to ColorOS system the new temporary for the old system either ColorOS 3.2 or earlier can adjust to the existing options.

For example in ColorOS 3.0, you can choose in this case Security Center > Clean & Fast > clean up whereas in ColorOS 3.1 and ColorOS 3.2 you can choose Telephone Manager > Clean & Fast > clean up.

By using this method, smartphone storage memory can be relieved again. So that smartphones can always run smoothly, it helps you clean the cache regularly.