Currently, you can find WiFi networks in various public places. For example, like network that you can find around homes, restaurants, supermarkets, and so on.

Unfortunately, to connect to this network, you need a password that can be obtained through the purchase option or ask the WiFi owner.

For those of you who don’t want to bother, you can actually use the WiFi burglary application. But this method is somewhat unsafe; especially the conditions are quite complicated. For example, you need root access on your Android phone, you know!

Now, want a more practical way? In this article, TechHow will review a collection of ways to break into WiFi without applications quickly that you can do on your Android cellphone and laptop.

A collection of ways to break into WiFi without applications on Android phones and laptops

In this review, TechHow will review how to break WiFi without an application that you can do either on an Android phone or laptop quickly and easily, of course.

Here you don’t need to install any application or just use the default application that TechHow believes is already on all your devices.

Instead of getting more curious, better check out the full review below, gang.

1. How to Break WiFi without Application on Android Mobile (IP Address)

The first way that people often use to break WiFi passwords without an application is to use the IP Address setting.

This method itself is usually successful for breaking, as TechHow mentioned above, is widely available in public places around your neighborhood, gang.

For how to break into without an application on an Android phone, you can follow the steps below.

Step 1 – Connect to Network

  • First, connect your Android mobile to the network, which usually says “Speedy [email protected] or the like as in the example below.
  • If you are already connected, you just select the WiFi network and then select the Modify Network Configuration option.

Step 2 – Set the IP Address

  • By default, the IP Address on the network will say Here you just change it to in the available column, and tap Save to save.
  • Now you switch to a browser, like Google Chrome, and enter the address to open the WiFi modem settings. Here you just select the Login option.

Step 3 – Login to the Modem Settings Page

  • On the login page, you just enter your username and password with the ADMIN or USER option. If it’s successful, then it looks more or less like this,

Step 4 – Know the Password

  • After that, you just select the Settings option > WiFi to find out the username and password of the WiFi that you want to break.
  • In this view, all you have to do is search the SSID Name and SSID Passphrase sections to find out the username and password. Really easy, right?

2. How to Break WiFi without Applications on a Laptop (Command Prompt)

Meanwhile, for laptop users who want to connect to a WiFi network, there is also a way to break into WiFi WPA without an application so you can find out the password, here!

Here you only need to use the CMD or Command Prompt application that TechHow believes is already on your laptop that uses the Windows OS.

For how to find out WiFi passwords with CMD, you can follow in full as follows.

Step 1 – Open the Command Prompt Application

  • On your laptop, just press the Windows + R key combination to open the Run window. Here you just type “cmd” then press Enter to start opening the Command Prompt application.

Step 2 – Look for the Targeted WiFi Network

    • Before that, make sure you already know the WiFi network that you want to use and know the password, gang.
    • Then enter the command “netsh WLAN show profiles,” and press Enter to find out which WiFi networks have been connected with your laptop.

Step 3 – Enter the Command to Break WiFi Password

  • You can actually do this method to find out your neighbor’s WiFi password without an application that you accidentally forgot about on your laptop.
  • Here you just enter the command “netsh wlan show profile [WiFi name] key = clear” and press Enter. Then you just have to check the Key Content section to find the targeted WiFi password.

TechHow does not bear the risk of how to break WiFi without this fast application; for example, your IP Address has been blocked and more. So do the steps above with full awareness!

The final word

Really easy, right? Well, the two ways to break into WiFi without the application above certainly do not require complicated requirements to be done on Android phones and laptops.

But of course, how to break a WiFi password with the TechHow flavor is much more accurate with a higher success rate. It doesn’t hurt to try, right?

Oh yeah, don’t forget to continue watching articles from TechHow and see you next time.