Instagram has launched one of the awesome features: Swipe up. This Swipe-Up feature on Instagram is very helpful  for all Instagram users because it will help  users to reach more fans to visit articles, videos, or items that have been published.

The Swipe-Up feature allows users to put the desired link inside Instagram Stories. That way the followers only need to swipe-up or move the screen up to reach it from the Stories content.

As a result users can get more visitors who can indirectly increase site traffic, the number of viewers, or prospective buyers of goods. Let’s See whether this feature is available for us or not and how we can get it?

How to add Swipe Ups links on Instagram Stories

Unfortunately, this feature is still limited in its present form. Only users with professional accounts have more than 10,000 followers or blue check account (verified account),  can use it.

For those of you who are interested in using it, you can try it Register to become a professional account first as a first step. The trick, you can directly visit the page Settings > Account > Switch to Professional account on the Instagram account that you are using, then follow the steps given.

If you meet the above requirements, you can directly use the Swipe-Up feature from the Instagram Stories creation page. You only need to create Stories as usual, then add the link by tapping chain icon (Link) in the top menu before uploading it.

From the page that appears, all you have to do is enter the URL or link you want to share then save the settings. So that more people are curious, don’t forget to add solicitation writings such as Swipe up, or other invitation writing. If everything is finished, you just need to upload the Stories.

What if the account meets the requirements but cannot use the feature? For this problem, one of the solutions recommended by people who have experienced it is to update Instagram to a newer version.

As with new features in general, the Swipe-Up feature can only be used on the new version of Instagram because applications with older versions do not yet support this one feature. For that, you can immediately update it through Google Play Store or App Store according to the operating system you are using.