The ideal complement to your bridal outfit

The day of our wedding It is a special ceremony where our highest priority is to look perfect. Accessories made with pearls It will always be a good option to complement our wedding dress since they are jewels with very attractive designs that do not go out of style. Therefore, we invite you to take a look at the following pearl accessories that we bring for you below.

1. Necklace plated with 14k gold

It is a jewel that has been designed with a pearl cultivated in fresh water, joined with two small stones of cubic zirconia. The chain has been plated in 14k gold to add that touch of exclusivity that every bride desires.

An accessory simple, practical and elegant that will make you dazzle everyone on your wedding day with its delicate and simple style. It can be a complement to your dress during the ceremony and carry it with you throughout the reception.

2. Accessories with pearls imitation

It is a jewelry set that includes a necklace, earrings and bracelet. Each piece has been designed with imitation white pearls that have been carefully retouched to give them a more realistic, shiny and elegant look.

They are accessories with a classic design that you can continue enjoying it for a long time. The set is ideal to wear with a collected hairstyle to highlight each of the jewels.

3. Design Elegant earrings and necklace

When it comes to quality and eleganceThese pieces are designed to meet the high standards of a wedding. The V-shaped necklace and pendant design earrings are decorated with white pearls and gold accents.

Accessories that will not pass unnoticed and they will become a fundamental piece to make the white color of your wedding dress look even brighter. They are elegant looking jewels that have a design that still retains that traditional look.

4. Chain minimalist silver

It is a chain made with sterling silver of the highest quality that has a shiny finish. Your pendant in the shape of Symbol of infinity It serves as a base to display a small white pearl grown in fresh water.

Its minimalist design makes it an exclusive jewel to use during formal meetings and events. It will be a small detail that will add a touch exclusive to any dress or outfit.

5. Game of classic jewelry with white pearls

It is a set of accessories that includes a necklace, bracelet and earrings little ones. Each piece is made with high quality materials and is adorned with natural pearls grown in fresh water.

They will give your wedding look with a simple touch, classic and elegant that will make you the center of attention throughout the event. You can also use it as a complement to wear with your best formal clothes.

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