Academia Downloader – There are several ways to download documents on Academia.EDU version Techhow:

Download Academia EDU – Academia Downloader

How to Download Files on – Academia Edu is a social platform that provides and shares documents for researchers. You can download and share scientific papers or academic documents here. Well, the question is how to download documents on Academia Edu?

This article will share ways to download or download files and documents on the social network. There are two ways you can use them, namely by creating an account at Academia and you can also download them without logging into

Overall this tutorial article will discuss about:

  • How to download documents at Academia.
  • How to download papers at Academia.
  • How to download Academia with an account.
  • How to download Academia without an account.

For that, please read the article on how to download papers and documents at Academia EDU.

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Method # 1 How to Download Academia with an Account

Techhow – The first way to download files and documents at Academia is by using an account, here you can create an account by email or log in with your Facebook and Google accounts. Here are the detailed steps how to download Academia by using the account:

  1. Open the website.The first step is to open the site Academia and find the journal you want to download.
  2. Create an account or login.After getting the paper that you want to download, then next (1) for Academia account by email or (2) login using Facebook account or (3) login with Google account you.
  3. Download Academia files and documents.After logging in, the paper page will appear. Download the Academia document by pressing the ‘buttonDownload‘and wait for the file to download automatically.Download the Academia File

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Method # 2 Download Academia without Login

Apart from how to download Academia with the account above, there are other ways to download documents at Academia Edu by using online tools from third parties, namely DocDownloader. Here’s how to download Academia documents without login or account:

DocDownloader – Academia Downloader

The method below is how to download documents and papers at Academia without having to log in and with the help of the DocDownloader online tool. Here are the detailed steps:

  1. Open the Academia website.The first step is to enter the page Academia and find the paper / document that you want to download.
  2. Copy the document URL.After finding the document you want to download, copy the url from that page.Copy Link Paper Academia
  3. Go to DocDownloader.The next step is getting to the site DocDownloader and (1) select tab ‘Academia Downloader‘then (2) Paste the link that you copied earlier into the url box provided (see image below) and (3) Press the button ‘Get Link‘.Paste the Academia Link in DocDownloader
  4. Captcha verification.After that, you will be redirected to the captcha verification page to verify this activity.Skip Captcha before Download
  5. Start downloading the document.After that a captcha will appear to verify this activity. Check captcha and verify the download by pressing the ‘buttonDownload PDF‘.Download Academia on DocDownloader
  6. Download verification.The next step will be redirected to the download page and wait 15 seconds before the download column will appear automatically and Download the Academia document by pressing the ‘Continue‘to download and finish.Wait 15 Seconds to Download

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Conclusion: Academia Downloader

How to Download Documents at Academia – The two methods above are tutorials and easy ways to download documents or papers at You can try the first method with an account and login or the second method with help from the DocDownloader site.