A fundamental piece to have your home in perfect order

The shelves or bookcases They are very practical furniture that save space and give us the possibility of having our books and ornaments well organized and always within reach. These types of structures are usually made of high quality materials that provide versatility, flexibility and style that goes well with any decoration. Thinking about it, here are some designs that will allow you to have your home well organized.

1. Adjustable shelf steel

It is a multifunctional shelf with elegant design which is made with a metal frame with a Anti-corrosion coating. The design also incorporates V-shaped leggings and height adjustable platforms.

Its levels can be easily and practically adjusted so that the shelf adapts to your needs. It is a multifunctional tool that you can use to organize valuables, books and even some personal hygiene products.

2. Organizer of modular plastic

It is an organization and storage system made up of six cubes made of black plastic. This piece of furniture retains a versatile design which you can love in the way that is most comfortable for you. Each module has connectors with metal frames.

With this system of organization You can count on a fully customizable piece of furniture that is very practical for storing your belongings and at the same time combines with any type of decoration.

3. Car storage

It is an organizing trolley with four wheels that has four storage levels. Its structure is made of metal and ABS plastic that allow it to support a weight of up to 22 pounds per level. It has a friendly mesh design and has two blockers at the bottom that provide greater security.

It’s a shelf movable and multifunctional It provides a free flow of air and at the same time provides a space designed to organize your personal items and take them to any room without any problem.

4. Shelving with Steel frame

It is a sturdy metal framed bookshelf that has four levels with wooden base of high quality and an open design that allows it to adapt to rooms such as the kitchen, dining room, living room and even work areas.

In this piece of rustic style You can store books, decoration pieces, plants, photos and another variety of objects that complement the style of your home. In addition, it is an easy structure to move thanks to its open design.

5. Organizer mobile with tubular structure

Is a mobile organizer Black in color with a tubular steel structure divided into three stable levels at the top, plus a level of baskets at the bottom. It has four sturdy wheels with 360 degree swivel support and locking systems.

This shelf is perhaps one of the best tools of this type, since it presents a versatile and multifunctional design that is perfect to have in spaces such as the kitchen and dining room.

6. Bookcase 5 levels

It is a shelf designed for white books that has five levels. It is a simple and open style furniture that is made with strong and durable materials.

This shelf has a size that is well suited to small studies, offices and rooms, but it can be a good complement to decorations much larger spaces such as the dining room or living room.

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