Pamper yourself in quarantine!

In these times when we must stay home, we have more time to do everything we can never do with our routine. One of the things that in general is always delegated is personal care, something that you can start to change today. In this guide we want to show you 3 products to repair your hair and 3 products to give it a new look. Read on for our selection!

1. Argan oil mask of Arvazallia

This Arvazallia mask It will help you repair damage to your hair, hydrating it with Argan oil. It is a treatment that helps nourish your hair leaving it softer and brighter thanks to its formula with vitamins and oils. It is a mask to use after your washing routine and it is very good for all hair types.

In Amazon, this product has priced under $ 15 for an 8.45 ounce can, and is well valued by customers. They comment that it is a very good mask to hydrate the hair and recover damaged ends. They recommend leaving the mask on overnight and then washing your hair in the morning, using it approximately once a week.

2. Purple mask for blonde hair Bold Uniq

Eliminate the yellow tones of your hair with this product of Bold Uniq. Ideal for platinum blonde, gray hair or gray hair, this mask helps to give your hair a more natural and even tone, eliminating yellow shades. It is a mask that helps regulate the color of your hair, but also hydrates it thanks to its nourishing formula free of parabens and sulfates.

You can get this product at Amazon with priced under $ 30 for a 7 ounce can. It has more than 6,000 reviews and a positive evaluation, where customers mention that it is a very functional mask, which fulfills what it promises and provides good results. They recommend leaving it for at least 15 minutes and using it frequently.

3. Reparative treatment of Olaplex

To repair damaged hair, this Olaplex treatment it is the ideal product. This product should be used before shampoo with dry hair, as it is a strengthening treatment. It is recommended to use it once a week for at least 10 minutes, although on very damaged hair it can be used 2 to 3 times a week. With its formula, this product helps to strengthen and protect the hair structure, leaving it healthier.

With more than 13,000 reviewsThis is the best-selling product on the list and is priced under $ 30 on Amazon. It has mostly positive comments, where customers comment that it is a very good product to repair damaged hair and that results can be seen with the first use. They recommend it especially for discolored hair and warn that a small amount should be used to make it last longer.

4. Tincture to touch up roots: Clairol

With the hairdressers closed, it is normal to see that our roots are growing and this Clairol product It is perfect for easy correction. In this box you get the color cream, the activating lotion, a bowl and a small brush to make its application easier. With this amount of product you will have enough to cover your roots, which will last up to 3 weeks.

At Amazon, this product has a current discount of 27% and a price less than $ 15 for 2 boxes, being the cheapest on the list. You can get this tincture in various shades of chestnut and customers mention that it is an easy to use and very effective product to cover the roots.

5. Hair bleaching kit for Manic Panic

If you want to give it a look completely new to your hair, then you need the Manic Panic Whitening Kit. This product includes: 1 powder bleach, 1 40 volume bleaching cream, 1 mixing bottle, 1 brush, 1 plastic cap and 1 set of gloves. With this kit, you can bleach your hair up to 7 levels less easily and with a vegan formula. To use it correctly, you can read the instructions and watch the explanatory video they have on Amazon.

With a price lower than $ 15, this Manic Panic product is highly valued by customers in over 8,000 reviews. They comment that it is a very functional product to bleach hair, even in dark colors. They recommend to be very careful with the time you leave the product on and check it constantly, since you can burn your hair, and generally the maximum time is 20 minutes.

6. Fantasy colored tincture Artic Fox

Of the brand Artic FoxThis semi permanent dye is available in a wide variety of fun colors so you can give your hair a look very original. It is a vegan formula and is ideal for covering any hair color, leaving it with a more saturated or less saturated shade depending on the base color.

At Amazon, this tincture has a 4.6 star rating which is the highest in the guide. Its price is less than $ 25 and you can find this product in 23 different shades, to give your hair a great personality. Among the comments, customers highlight this dye that covers the hair very well and has good colors. They say that the strongest shades work even on dark hair, giving them a soft hue. They warn that the first days the tincture usually transfers in clothes or in bed.

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