What you need to work efficiently from home

Have a work space Organized provides many benefits in terms of our performance and how bearable the journey is. From the posture you sit in and the accessories you use during your work, every little detail is important within the work environment. Nowadays many people have had to opt for teleworking to remain productive, so if you already have your work area at home, here we show you some products that will be of great help to you.

1. Desktop protector with geometric design

It is a structure with a geometric design Pink and blue color that is very useful for your desktop. It is made with soft materials such as fabric and high quality ecological rubber, and it also has a resistant base with stitched edges for greater resistance and protection.

It is a durable product that will add a authentic style to your workspace. It is a comfortable and ultra soft pad on which you can slide the mouse and comfortably carry out your work routine.

2. Wooden lamp with USB port

It is a lamp with an elegant and minimalist design that has a base of wood with natural tones that add much more texture. It incorporates a USB port to supply fast charging to electronic devices.

This product is very practical, since its ability to charge phones and electronic devices makes it an extremely versatile accessory and perfect to have inside your work area, especially during the night.

3. Adjustable organizer for desk

It is an organizer made with natural materials and with a refined design. It has a composition of two main parts They can be adjusted relatively easily to cover the dimensions of the work area.

It is a piece of furniture that you can easily adapt and rotate so you can store books, arrangements and other series of objects that can be very useful while fulfilling your daily responsibilities.

4. Acrylic pads for monitor

It is a kit clear pads Made of acrylic material with a simple design that fits easily on any monitor or desktop. It is highly functional and provides a quick solution to always have all your notes at hand.

The acrylic material and the adhesive that this product incorporates, make it very easy to place on the monitor edgeas well as making it very easy to remove and relocate.

5. Footrest ergonomic

An ergonomically designed cushion that is ideal for relieving aches and pains most common caused by bad postures when sleeping or when working a long time sitting. It is made of durable foam and features a simple black color design.

This footrest is an accessory that you can easily place under the desk so you can ease and ease foot pressure while concentrating on fulfilling all the responsibilities that come with your job.

6. Mini garden hexagonal

It is an accessory that stimulates meditation and creativity. The garden consists of nine pieces It includes a strong and durable hexagonal base, four rocks, a sandbag, a rake, a pavilion statue and other accessories.

In addition to being a product to encourage relaxation, it is also a piece that helps put some style and color within your work area. Is a mini garden that will help you clear your mind so that you can be much more effective while you work or study.

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